Choosing the perfect bathroom tile design

Choosing the perfect bathroom tile design

A Bathroom, is more than just a washroom.

Whether you’re upgrading to sell or enjoy, for family functionality or deluxe indulgence, the first step to translating the look you love into a practical solution is to secure the right bathroom design with tile combinations.

1. Decide on a style

​Before you even start looking for bathroom tiles in Melbourne, you must decide on a style to choose. Bathroom tiles are available in a myriad of styles, colours, and design options and you can create just the look you want.

​Some of the common bathroom styles that people go with include Contemporary style bathroom, Transitional style bathroom and traditional style bathroom. Each bathroom style may look unique when you go with the right tile selections, some tile patterns make the whole bathroom highly attractive if you plan to draw all the attention on the tiles rather than the fittings.

​What bathroom style you want to go with will determine the type of tiles you need to purchase. Think about the overall style of your home and how your bathroom style will complement it.

Bathroom Planner

​2. Choose your tile size preferences

​The most common sizes of tiles on the Oz market are 300*300, 300*600, 600*600. When first looking at a room you wish to decorate, the first consideration is to check the bathroom size then the tiles. Here is some useful tips you can follow to achieve beautiful bathrooms.

  • To make a small room feel larger, always choose lighter color floor and wall tiles, such as all white, cream or even a light grey. and stick on medium sized tiles selections, will create a simplified and modern space.
  • Another way to make the small room looks bigger, is to cover all the tiles up to ceiling if you have the budget, finish the grout with a slightly lighter color than the tiles, to make the bathroom less busier and looks bigger.

We strongly recommend that you confirm with our project consultant about your design and tile selections after you visit the tile place.

​3. Choose your tile grout preferences

  • ​Match the tile – will make the room feel larger.
  • Contrast the tile – pairing a dark grout color with a bright, light color tiles which consider keep the grout line clean( best for rental property).
  • Complement the tile – a colourful grout color to add interest but also consider a bolder choice.

4. Choose the tile combination

  • ​It create unique look in the bathroom while mixing and matching different tiles( however never go over more than three different tiles).
  • Try different pattern such as wall cladding pattern tiles as a feature wall; Mosaic or hexagon tiles to add personalized style to your bathroom.

5. Take maintenance into consideration

  • ​Choose tiles that require little to no maintenance .

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The best advice you can hear about bathroom renovations in Melbourne​

Hiring bathroom designers in Melbourne can be a scary prospect. We have heard many horror stories about renovations that seem endless. Some projects may tie up your bathroom for months while you wait for the completion of the job, and upon finishing, it might not be up to your specifications. For these reasons, we are committed to offering a fast turnaround, carefully supervise and manage our projects to meet our customers’ satisfaction. Our testimonial shows off our past work so you can get a better idea of the quality of our work. Contact us today if you are ready to say goodbye to your tired and worn-down bathroom.

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