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Kitchen Designs in Melbourne

To begin with Layout

We propose the best layout according to:

  • Practical
  • Storage Space
  • Your Budget
  • Beauty

The heart of the home: Designing your kitchen by Smarter Renovations

The importance of good kitchen design cannot be overstated. Designing and planning your kitchen is key to making it user friendly for you and your family. This space is about storage, access to appliances, safety when using appliances, easy access to food storage. Renovating your kitchen? Here is where to start:

Kitchens are generally considered the heart of any home, so it’s a good investment to design one that combines style, functionality and efficiency. If you’re interested in building a kitchen that looks great and has state-of-the-art features, the team at Smarter Renovations can help. Our kitchen designer in Melbourne offers complementary advice and assistance to determine your goals, narrow down your options, and formulate a design that stays on budget.

kitchen designer melbourne

To choose the right cabinets & stone

We provide colors, styles and other options according to:

  • Your home interior style
  • The size of kitchen
  • Your budget
  • Design trends
  • To mix and match
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kitchen designs melbourne

Design Your Dream Kitchen


To add the other materials

We recommend other materials for your consideration:

  • Floor finishes
  • Splashback finishes
  • Appliances recommendation
  • Your budget
  • Design trends
  • Light fittings
  • And etc…

Whether you want a modern kitchen design that looks like the front cover of a magazine or you’re after a unique industrial kitchen design with more character, we have the expertise and experience to formulate a design that takes you and your family’s needs and preferences into account. We can help you with kitchen cabinet design as well as advice on changes you can make to the layout. You can rely on us to design your dream space that includes sufficient storage, easy access to appliances, and more.

Kitchen design ideas and kitchen renovation ideas begin with the layout. There are multiple things to take into consideration here, such as balancing style with practicality, maximising storage space, and not going over budget. After this, we’ll help you choose the right colours, cabinets and other stylistic elements to ensure your kitchen complements the rest of your home. We’ll also suggest other materials for you to consider, including floor and splashback finishes, light fittings and appliances.

To finalize the selections and review the finish look

industrial kitchen design

Now it is time to review the shopping list based on:

  • Overall cost
  • Products availability
  • Products reviews
  • Custom made items production timeline
  • Other family members needs and thoughts

Upgrading and customizing your dream kitchen with Smarter Renovations ​ It is difficult to get a clear vision before you start looking for kitchen expert to help you with a kitchen renovation. Our team are experienced and understand many trends related to kitchen designs in Melbourne. We can make helpful suggestions and assist you in narrowing down how you’d like your kitchen to look. Contact us to make arrangements for a quote today.

Before anything is confirmed, you’ll get the opportunity to finalise the selections and review the plan. This includes assessing the overall cost, determining product availability, looking for product reviews, and getting input from other members of your family. Our large and small kitchen renovation ideas are personalised, obligation free and in accordance with your goals.

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Smarter Renovations is proud to be a leading provider of innovative and state-of-the-art kitchen designs in Melbourne. Discuss your ideas and requirements with us today by giving us a call on 1300 168 729, or fill out our online contact form. You can also make a reservation to visit our kitchen showroom.

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