How to plan your kitchen space during a remodel

How to plan your kitchen space during a remodel

When planning a new kitchen, whether you’re going for a bold and colourful or a more classic designs, the underlying steps that will help you achieve a beautifully functional space.

1. Consider the bigger picture

​Whether you’re after an open kitchen, closed off kitchen, double kitchen, or indoor-outdoor kitchen, start from position the kitchen and design the layout. If possible, avoid your kitchen being used as a thoroughfare; Taking note of where your windows and doors are as this will dictate where some appliances ( like the fridge) can be placed.

Kitchen Remodelers
Kitchen Remodelers

​2. Position the essentials

​Remember one golden rule, A “work triangle” is formed by the placement of the kitchen’s key elements: the sink, cooktop and fridge.

​If you have a massive area you can use for the kitchen space, a

U-shaped, L-shape, or G-shaped kitchen may be one of the best opinions, even that you can consider to place a island counter in the heart of the kitchen; If the space is limited, we are strongly recommended to design a galley kitchen or a one-wall kitchen which may be space-saver and not looks too crowded.

​3. Tailor the way you cook

​Are you serving a big family? do you need a double-bowl sink? are you after a double-sized fridge or you need more bench space and power point for small appliances? The answers to these questions will help you make the right choice when it comes to plan the kitchen appliances and kitchen space.

​4. Plan a place for everything

  • ​Be realistic about how many appliances can fit in the kitchen space and prioritize the necessities if the kitchen only have limited space.
  • Planning for the storage space for daily use items and then the non-essentials.
  • Substitute more drawers for doors.
  • Transforming your pantry.
  • Making the most of your upper cabinets.

​Find an Ally for Your Kitchen Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

When it comes to planning kitchen renovations in Melbourne, finding the right partner is vital. Choosing the company you work with for your renovation project will affect everything from the cost to the timeline, and workmanship to how collaborative the process is. At Smarter Renovations by Design, we pride ourselves on providing a terrific client experience, top-quality work and quick turnaround times.

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