A guide to choosing  bathroom fittings

A guide to choosing bathroom fittings

A Bathroom, can be creative with the right fixtures

Choosing bathroom fittings for your renovations projects can be a daunting task. The choices are overwhelming. But there is an easy way to narrow down all the choices and help you finalize the selections.

1. Planning a shopping list

​To spend time to prepare a checklist which including all the items required to break your bathroom design, big items such as vanity units, toilets, baths; small items such as tap wares, shower screen and other accessories, and not to forget heating and lighting. Bathroom fixtures are available in an array of styles ranging from the sleek and modern to the elegant and traditional to suits all tastes. If you have a small bathroom, opt for compact fittings to maximize space. Wall mounted basins and toilets are ideal for making your bathroom appear more spacious. For those who have plenty of room to play with, why not consider a freestanding bath and a separate walk-in shower for a luxury look?

​Don’t forget to factor in storage, which is essential for any bathroom small or large. Vanity units offer a stylish and practical storage solution as they combine a sink and drawers or a cupboard underneath where you can keep toiletries hidden away. They come in wall mounted and floor standing designs.

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2. Choosing a style for your fixtures finish, with one theme

​Black and white Bathrooms are everywhere right now. stylish, sophisticated and so easy to get peoples’ attention.

​A statement black sink vanity or a free standing black bath can be well coordinated with traditional/ federation style bathrooms.

​Matt black tap wares are top choice to incorporate in modern style bathrooms. It is like key feature to highlight the bathroom with simple element.

Finishes like newly launched brushed nickel/ Brushed brass currently trending in modern bathroom around the country which are bold alternatives to suit individual taste.

​​​3. Set up a budget

Now that you have researched your theme and possibly found the right products for your bathroom, it is time to think seriously about your budget. Keep eyes open for sales from shop to shop, as the prices can vary depend on where you source from. Also plan your renovation ahead, you may find some good deal from bathroom auctions.

4. Think about longevity

Thinking about the products will be constant used or used at a rental property. You need to choose the products that are going to last the distance of your expectation. For example, not choose black matte fixtures for a lease property as the products may be easy scratched.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Bathroom Renovations in the Melbourne

What if you aren’t sure where to begin? It’s understandable — bathroom renovations are complex and multi-layered, and it’s not always easy to go step by step. There’s good news, though: at Smarter Renovations, we can help to guide you through this process. From our innovative package deals that bundle everything together to our completely custom service, we’ll show you the options available and the paths you can take. Call us to learn more today.

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